Multi sign-in multi devices!

Use your Odience 360 account on Verse Messages and vice versa. Sign-in across all devices. Sync 'call & message history' between apps. Call, chat, interact with chatbots via apps on smatphones, tablets, VR headsets, and now, even through your web browser :-)

Odience 360 on the WEB

Viewing immersive 360 through an app or a headset is impressive enough, but to now experience real-time 360 live streams on a web browser is next-level magical AND reaches an even larger audience!


Chatbots with AI and GPT within immersive experiences. Instantly generate super smart shopping assistants, gaming bots with AI and so much more. Warning, it's SO IMPRESSIVE, you may get spooked!

Event Creator on mobile

Easy peasy. With just your mobile phone, 5G, and a 360 camera in hand, easily create 360 events and start live streaming instantly.


During live shopping events, see something you like, just as you would in the real world, call a friend! Their app will ring with an INVITE to view exactly what you’re seeing. Having a friend’s opinion makes decisions easier. Plus, it’s more fun!

Powered by GSMA Enriched Calling

Premium Stream

Easy monetization opportunities. When there are several cameras assigned to an event, organizers can set cameras to Premium status, restricting access to VIPs or pay-to-access viewers.

5G+ Video Wall

Video walls at live events elevates the on-location experience. For live streamers, it adds an extra dimension of interactivity as virtual spectators. The new 5G+ Video Wall brings pro-level set of features to all event organizers.

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Apple Vision Pro

Few words can describe what the future of immersive entertainment or live shopping will look like for everyone. Odience on Apple Vision Pro needs no words, the future has arrived!

Meta Quest

What is 360 live stream without a VR headset to experience it? There is no easier and more accessible way than with a Meta Quest headset.

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360 Camera plug-in from App

Adding a 360 camera to your mobile app has never been easier. 3 steps and you are done! No 3rd party plug-in store required!

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Staff Pass

Setting up large events oftentimes takes a team to coordinate, crews who may need access to the live stream before going live. With Staff Pass, team members can work behind the scenes before going live.

3D Scene option

For the moments when the experience is about user interaction rather than live video, event organizers can now create immersive spaces using industry standard tools generating virtual environments.

Event Portal improvements

Streamlined process to create and manage events for both pros and basic users. Pros can now manage streams through the Pro-Publisher, basic users need only their mobile device.


Presenters can now create polls on-the-fly and in real-time!

Refreshed UI / UX

Slicker, simpler, faster and of course, more elegant! Sit back and enjoy, the 360 experience has never been sleeker.