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For all the innovators out there, here's what makes Odience truly special.

5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)

Powered by Telecom Edge Computing

For High bandwidth - low latency requirements, Odience enables carriers with a virtualized service deployable within a carrier’s MEC platform enabling 8K tiled 360 degree live video streams which consume up to 80% less bandwidth compared to standard streams, with the added benefit of 5G MEC platform operating within the carrier’s network, RCS/IMS services (from advanced communication to chatbots) can easily be integrated and overlaid within the MEC enabled 360 live streams. With support for carrier Quality on Demand (QoD), you have nothing short of the most cutting-edge live streaming technology available.

XR meets AI chatbots

Within extended reality environments, there is a need for communication and productivity services which enhance the experience. From tapping on objects and checking-out within VR Shopping, working with a colleague on a project through Remote Collaboration, or challenging a friend in an eSports tournament hosted in VR, having to custom develop individual services for each scenario can be time consuming. Enter RCS Messaging-as-a-Platform (MaaP) for XR, a platform which allows experienced designers to simply assemble services into functional objects (bots) which users can interact with within XR environments, in essence micro-apps within live streams.

RCS+APIs without boundaries

Having to build global scale services can be challenging, let alone having to build platforms which can interconnect across service providers. By following global telecoms standards, telecom APIs ensures easy access to carriers services, where RCS was designed to interwork with IMS services enabling RCS with QoS communication capabilities natively available within smartphones.
MOBILE CONNECT / Digital Identity
RBM - Business Messaging


NaaS | GSMA Open Gateway | CAMARA

Odience is based on a high availability-high scalability telecom APIs and telecom grade IMS/RCS cloud platform. The Odience platform can be made available through several modes, 1) independent of a telecom's core network but as an edge cloud service supporting OTT apps, 2) interface with a telecom network (NNI) through standards-based protocols allowing for interoperability with VoLTE/ViLTE and RCS services, or 3) deployed through Private 5G (P5G) networks.

HMDs • Android • iOS • webRTC

To succeed in a 5G world, XR services must persist seamlessly across varying platforms and devices, a daunting enough task on one or two platforms, let alone three, four and beyond. To ensure consistency and enable Odience with the ability to quickly adapt to emerging technologies, Odience was designed at the foundation level to provide the most advanced user experiences available on VR headsets, 5G smartphones, desktops and next generation web browsers by providing an underlying unified IMS/RCS stack, with platform adapted UX layer to ensure consistency and optimal experiences across platforms.