Emergency Situation Awareness Platform

360 cameras mounted on vehicles, connected through 5G, unlimited number of users with personalized views
Ultra low-latency, ultra high-quality enabled by 5G MEC
video walls
360° Live stream command and control
  • Control Room
  • Messaging Channels + Ai
  • Analytics
  • Video Comms
  • ...
In-stream embedded carrier communication services

First responders and public safety service providers can connect an unlimited number of operators simultaneously to a 360° camera. Each operator has the ability to view different perspectives by rotating and zooming into the high resolution live video optimized through edge computing, all without requiring multiple PTZ cameras. Odience 360 utilizes carrier UWB/C-band, network QoD, and MEC when available to reduce bandwidth by up to 80% while maintaining high quality streams. Additionally, embedded Telecom Edge IMS AI provides real-time image processing and performs audio transcription, translation, and summarization.